Apartments are the most efficient and reasonably-priced type of living spaces in South Korea, which has a very small amount of land which can actually be used. Daewoo E&C has placed itself in the vanguard of the country’s housing market with its high-level PRUGIO apartment brand.

We raised the standards of South Korea’s residential culture by becoming the first player in the industry to build apartment complexes that place a priority on environmental preservation and protection. Our PRUGIO brand, an eco-friendly, premium-level apartment brand that we launched in 2003, has consistently ranked first in consumer surveys measuring brand awareness. We are also adding to the competitiveness of our residential products by ensuring that all of our projects take the environmental and other characteristics of their locations into consideration. This ensures that our PRUGIO complexes are custom-tailored to suit every buyer’s wishes and tastes. We are also adding to our product competitiveness through our ‘MY PREMIUM’ complexes.

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