Highways are a major source of economic development. Daewoo E&C is a recognized leader in large-scale highway construction projects in South Korea and elsewhere.

Beginning with Section 3 of the Busan-Masan Highway in 1978, Daewoo E&C has participated in almost every major highway construction project ever undertaken in South Korea. This includes the Yongin-Seoul and the Pyeongtaek-Siheung national highways and the privately-owned Cheonan-Nonsan and Daegu-Busan highways. All of them have made significant contributions to South Korea’s economic and logistical development. We also built the Inje Tunnel, the largest such facility in South Korea. We were able to do so while minimizing the amount of damage that was done to its natural surroundings, enabling people in the Metropolitan Area to travel to the country’s east coast faster and more conveniently. In addition, we built the largest-ever highway project undertaken anywhere in the world by a single company. It is located in Pakistan.

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