Nuclear power

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is the most economical and efficient energy source in the world. Daewoo E&C is preparing to become a global leading company in the nuclear field with its wide range of experience and expertise that have been accumulated over the last 20 years.

Starting with the construction of Wolsong NPP Units 3 & 4 in 1992 to the recent construction of Shin-Wolsong NPP Units 1 & 2, Daewoo E&C has been a driving force for the national development by leading the progress of nuclear power plants in South Korea. We are the first South Korean construction company that provided its technical assistance services to nuclear power plants in China and Taiwan. By winning an EPC contract for the Jordan Research and Training Reactor in 2009, we successfully exported a nuclear power system on turnkey basis for the first time in 50 years of history of the Korean nuclear industry. We have always been creating a miraculous history, and it will continue making a history of creation and overcoming bigger challenges based on the experience and technical skills accumulated in the last 20 years.

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