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Starlake City

Located in the West Lake area, with an area of ​​​​186.3 hectares - STARLAKE is planned to become a new center of Hanoi in the future. STARLAKE is located at the city's gateway to Noi Bai International Airport - an ideal location for investors with business plans in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

STARLAKE is planned with full functions for business, finance, commerce, culture and entertainment, housing and education works. According to the expected plan, 08 government ministries and agencies will move to the center of STARLAKE, which is also the destination of diplomatic missions and international events. The formation of the STARLAKE Project will create a new administrative, business and cultural center for the capital Hanoi.

The Starlake project is invested and built by Daewoo E&C Group - one of the largest construction investors in Korea with nearly 50 years of experience in housing construction. Thanks to its high reputation, solid financial potential, creating a cash flow attraction for the middle-class, the progress of the project is always guaranteed.

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It is merely a speck in the vastness of space,
and maybe the only planet that supports life – the earth. 

As evidence of human existence, construction has been man’s answer to 
countless problems over the ages.

But as our imagination is finite, we continue on our journey to find 
even better solutions. 

Chapter 01. Technology – A Better Idea 

What is technology?
The touch of a finger connects us to a virtual world,
while in reality, things don’t come so easily.
In the real world, physical connections are made through roads, bridges and tunnels. 

Like the Geoje-Busan Bridge linking Geoje Island and Busan.
Before this bridge was built, people had to take a detour of 140km 
to cross a short span of water.
But Daewoo E&C completed the world’s deepest immersed highway 
and made a faster connection between these two important bases of national industry.
With the completion of this remarkable bridge, Daewoo E&C has established 
new infrastructure that forms a key artery connecting Korea’s harbor logistics 
with a main tourism belt on its Southern coast. 

The Southeast Asian megacity Kuala Lumpur is a diverse crossroads of various 
ethnicities and cultures. To accommodate its burgeoning population, 
the city’s buildings are reaching new heights, and the construction of 
a 274-meter high-rise without columns in the city center demonstrates 
the value of technology that turns imagination into reality. 

Construction is a creative activity that maximizes harmony between people and space, 
while construction technology demands the strictest standards and the highest levels of 
engineering capability. 

This is the international city of Songdo, built on land reclaimed from the sea.
Here, on new land heralding sustainable growth in Northeast Asia, 
Daewoo E&C is constructing monumental buildings that are symbols of the future. 

In examples like this, change begins when a new way of thinking meets 
with technology. 

Daewoo E&C, with its independently established DSC system combining artificial 
intelligence and IoT technology with construction, is a leader of on-site innovation 
and change for the construction industry paradigm. 

For us, technology is a way of exploring new challenges and growth. 
Today as always, we are finding better answers through ceaseless research and effort. 

chapter 02. Talent – A Better Way 

What creates top-caliber talent?
Technology is leading us in a direction that seeks to eliminate the human workforce, 
but construction is still a job that happens through people, 
and it is a story about people. 

Instead of cold glass and steel, warm external walls that you can lean against 
and touch, and façades resembling colorful canvases are bringing beauty 
to once-grey urban landscapes. 

The ideals and philosophy behind construction are realized through 
flawless engineering. 

In the name of construction, we use our passion to bring engineering solutions to 
even the most extreme environments on earth. 

This gives us the ability to increase the value of resources, 
create the power needed for industry, build shipyards in the desert, 
open highways across barren landscapes, and change the color of a river. 

Constructing power stations in places with annual rainfall of 3,000mm 
or where heatstroke is normal is a constant struggle with Mother Nature. 
But our passion lies with the dreams and expectations of the global community, 
and every day we take the impossible and make it possible. 

Chapter 03. Future – A Better Promise 

What kind of future do we dream about? 
Today, architectural spaces must not only reflect the changing times; they must have 
beauty and intelligence, and as buildings become smarter they also require more energy. 

The new headquarters of Korea Electric Power Corp.
integrates all of Daewoo E&C’s energy-related competencies and has become 
a new milestone for green buildings that use renewable energy. 

Like tidal power using the forces of the moon and sea, or hydropower generated 
by rivers, we are fully preparing for a future that utilizes more eco-friendly, 
alternative energy by employing the wisdom and technology of living in closer harmony
with nature. 

In these ways, this type of future-oriented construction where people 
and nature coexist is already an essential part of daily life. 

Daewoo E&C’s apartment brand “Prugio”, which presents a new way of living through 
a difference in thinking, has been changing people’s lives for the better. 

Going above and beyond just one landmark, or a single brand, Daewoo E&C is building 
an even brighter future for people who dream of a new, better life. 

The sort of world where people and technology live in harmony and construction coexists with nature;this is the kind of future that we at Daewoo E&C dream about, and it has already begun. 


At Daewoo E&C, it is our destiny to solve complicated problems and overcome
difficulties in construction, and we have presented the answers to countless questions. 

What does it mean to come up with a differentiated solution? 
With the creativity to turn possibility into reality, 
and the technology to generate value from imagination, 
today as always, we are finding answers for the future. 

By taking on new challenges remarkable passion, 
Daewoo E&C will continue its quest to find better answers for tomorrow. 

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