Redevelopment, Reconstruction & Remodeling

Redevelopment, Reconstruction & Remodeling

Run-down urban living spaces can be revitalized and reborn to meet the needs and demands of new residents through improvements and renovations. Daewoo E&C is a recognized leader in carrying out the redevelopment, reconstruction and remodeling of such facilities.

Daewoo E&C is a leader of South Korea’s redevelopment, reconstruction, and remodeling sector. 
Our Gireum New Town PRUGIO, Hwagok PRUGIO, and Geumho Hangang PRUGIO projects were named the Most Livable Apartments in South Korea in 2005, 2003, and 2001, respectively, while our Seoul Forest PRUGIO Complex II has been praised for the effectiveness of its utilization of the nearby natural environment, including the Hangang River and the Seoul Forest. Daewoo E&C was also the first player in the industry to take on the remodeling of wall-slab apartments, which requires the finest in highly advanced technologies. We will continue to take the lead in creating even more beautiful and pleasant urban spaces by participating in a broad range of urban redevelopment projects.

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