Townhouses & Villas

Townhouses & Villas

The housing market is changing rapidly these days. This offers Daewoo E&C an exceptional opportunity to try out new concepts and ideas. We have become the industry leader in terms of new-concept living spaces, that reflect people’s increasingly diverse lifestyle preferences.

Daewoo E&C is a leader at creating innovative living spaces that meet the needs of consumers and the demands of the market. After upgrading the meaning of “high-class villas” with our GREEN COUNTY and ROYAL COUNTY brands, we are now carrying on with a "Refreshing Life" philosophy that ensures harmony between people and nature. We are doing this through our PRUGIO HEIM townhouse brand and our countryside villas, which feature our Green Premium new and renewable energy product. We also launched a ZENER HEIM homes brand in 2010. It features zero outside energy consumption, since it comes equipped with a system that produces enough of its own energy to meet all the demand placed on it.

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