Viet Nam

Viet Nam

      Daewoo E&C in Vietnam

  • Established Hanoi Representative Office in Jun. 1991, before establishment of diplomatic relation between countries.

  • Contributed to modernization of Vietnam’s industry structure with significant businesses*.
    * Daewoo Motor Assembly Factory, Daewoo Electronics, Oil Exploration Project, Van Phu Cleve Apartment Project, ETC.

  • Participated in investment businesses* as an investor and operator.
    * STARLAKE, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel & Daeha Business Center.

  • We are continuously making a greater effort to enter into the construction market of Vietnam with an investment basis for strengthening localization.

  • We Apply BIM technology development. (Building information Modern) developed according to high-rise building information model Building information model (BIMI) is a process related to the creation and management of digital features (known as information modelling).  digital information ) in the design , construction and operation of the works here may be construction or industrial products ). In essence BIM can be seen as a design document consisting of files or digital data, containing logical relationships in terms of space, size, quantity, material of each component, set  part in the project. This information is exchanged and connected online through software, to support the management and decision-making related to the project. The combination of information about the parts in the project with other information such as norms, unit prices, construction progress will create a virtual reality model of the building, for optimal purposes.  design, construction, operation and project management.  Building according to the world's most modern methods ( List the modern methods that the company has ever done ). BIM for large corporations that both design and construct 

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