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The overall grand prize for the 2024 Overseas Construction Award went to India’s Daewoo E&C’s ‘Mumbai Sea Bridge’ project. Daewoo E&C’s Mumbai project was hailed as a “successful example of overseas expansion” as it was the most difficult of India’s longest sea bridge projects.

The Mumbai India Sea Bridge Project is a construction project connecting the two areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The total project cost is 737.8 million dollars (about 989 billion won) and the total length is 21.8 km, making it the longest sea-crossing bridge in India. After the bridge opened to traffic this year, travel time between the two regions was shortened from 2 hours to 30 minutes.

Daewoo E&C began construction in 2018 in a joint venture with Tata Projects Ltd., a construction subsidiary of India’s Tata Group. As the project management company (60%), construction was completed without accidents in 69 months. This is a bridge project where Daewoo E&C is responsible for construction, design, material supply, process management of the 7.8km long main line and an intersection, a 6-lane sea bridge with a difficult route. best.

Daewoo E&C has adopted environmentally friendly construction methods to minimize pollution during construction. ‘PSM – Prefabricated Segment Method’ is applied to minimize damage to mangroves, which are known as the ‘lungs of the Earth’ because their carbon storage capacity is about 5 times greater compared to tropical forests. This method involves manufacturing a bridge superstructure (section) of a certain length at the factory, transporting it to the construction site and then connecting it to a crane for construction. Forest damage was minimized by minimizing work near the mangroves near the bridge as much as possible.

Because the construction period coincided with the spread of COVID-19, unprecedented difficulties such as movement restrictions were encountered. In fact, problems arose in the supply chain of steel plates and foreign raw materials, but Daewoo E&C found many different purchasing channels, including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Myanmar, and purchased bulk. Another variable is India’s unique climate. During the monsoon period (June to September), when strong winds blow and heavy rains are continuous in India, the work of installing steel floors is impossible. Daewoo E&C shortened construction time by shortening transportation time by analyzing the location of sea level rise and optimizing barge routes.

The completion of this sea-crossing bridge is considered a local success. Mumbai is India’s leading economically developed city and a city famous for its film industry. ‘Navi Mumbai’ is a new city planned and built to alleviate urban overcrowding in Mumbai, which has a larger population than Seoul. The inauguration of the bridge is expected to significantly improve the logistics and transportation infrastructure around Navi Mumbai. Indian Prime Minister Modi, who attended the bridge inauguration ceremony in January this year, expressed gratitude to Daewoo E&C for completing the bridge with the highest quality.

Daewoo E&C is currently implementing projects worth about 3 billion USD (about 4 trillion won), including the Mumbai sea bridge project and the construction of a 6-lane bridge and road with a total length of 22.76 km across Ganga River in Bihar India (8th project) has been implemented. In the future, we plan to diversify our business and expand orders in the fields of hydropower, new and renewable energy, public-private infrastructure projects and development projects. real estate development. A leader of Daewoo Engineering & Construction said: “India is the most populous country in the world and is expected to open a huge market in the construction sector in line with its rapid economic development. quickly,” he said.