Daewoo E&C’s leading-edge technologies are being used around the world in the areas of oil and gas processing plants and delivery and storage facilities. We are so highly regarded in the LNG liquefaction plant construction area that our global market share amounts to 10%.

Daewoo E&C has constructed almost half of the LNG storage tanks in South Korea, including the Tongyeong, Incheon, and Pyeongtaek LNG production bases. The world-class Tongyeong base, which was built to withstand such punishing natural occurrences as earthquakes and tidal waves, boasts an automation system and LNG leakage and fire detection and extinguishing systems. We have also built a large number of LNG processing plants, delivery facilities, and pipelines in our key overseas markets of Nigeria and Libya. We are now using this experience to carry out new projects in other countries including Algeria, Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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