“Company-Wide Safety Check Day” Event

Main Building

As a super energy-saving green building, it is the R&D management center applying various cutting-edge technologies of 71 kinds including double skin and cool tube.

Wind Tunnel Laboratory

It is a laboratory for evaluating effects of wind on structures. It calculates wind power, wind pressure and wind vibration acting on the structures and evaluates wind resistance safety by analyzing the wind environment of bridges and high-rise buildings, etc.

Mechanical & Electrical Laboratory

It conducts experiments concerning artificial climate, construc- tion environment such as air quality and facilities.


Daewoo E&C is taking on limitless challenges, ranging from the deepest parts of the sea to the highest of altitudes. By developing technology to overcome extreme environments, we are discovering future resources, connecting spaces and building urban landmarks.

Central Laboratory

It is a multi-purpose experiment laboratory, conducting basic experiments in the construction sector including tests for concrete, soil and environment.

Geotechnical Experiment Laboratory

It conducts model experiments of soil structure and experiments for physical and mechanical properties of soil materials using centrifuge.

Domitory(for Training)

It has 1 basement level and 4 stories above ground (4,168 of gross area, 200 persons of capacity), providing technical education and development across different job positions and themes as well as internal and external technical education


Daewoo E&C is catalyzing the rapid advancement of the “Digital Transformation” of the construction industry by combining key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with proven construction technologies. Creating a roadmap for responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are focusing on discovering technologies that will adapt to new businesses through future market analysis.

Large Scale Structural Laboratory

It is a laboratory for evaluating structural safety against various forms of external forces such as earthquake and typhoon.

Acoustics Laboratory

It is a laboratory having an anechoic room and a reverberation room satisfying the standards of the ISO, performing evaluation of performance of sound absorption and sound insulation of building materials and acoustic properties of noise source.


Daewoo E&C is realizing people’s dreams for a cleaner tomorrow. We are promoting the marriage of construction and nature through the development of technologies that maximize energy efficiency and enhance new and renewable energy.