At Daewoo E&C, employee safety is our number one concern. 
Because safety management needs to follow definite rules and regulations if it is to be effective, we have developed a full and complete safety management system that applies to all our operations and all our employees.

"Company-Wide Safety Check Day" Event

Safety Training Exercises


Employee safety awareness

Our CEO makes personal safety inspections of our worksites as part of our quarterly "Company-Wide Safety Check Day" event. In addition, we hold an annual "Excellent Safety Management Case Presentation Competition" to select best safety practices and ensure that they are applied at all our worksites. We also carry out a broad array of regular safety campaigns, both at home and overseas.

HSE Certificates

We were the first member of the South Korean construction industry to earn an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001 certificate. In addition, we are enhancing our international credibility through annual OHSAS surveillance audits and triennial recertification.

Developing a safety management system

We employ safety managers in all of our business divisions, led by a company-wide safety organization called the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Team. We also ensure that we always practice safety management of the very highest quality through our HSE Committee.

Disaster management and systematic safety training

We try to reduce the possibility of accidents by carrying out a wide range of safety inspections. They include company-wide HSE system inspections, safety inspections of our partner companies, and special inspections. Our system is so well thought of that we always score extremely well in the hazard ratio category in the annual pre-qualification survey conducted by the Public Procurement Service of the Republic of Korea. We also carry out regular safety training exercises targeting our employees and our business partners.

Hazard Ratio


Details Unit 2010 2011 2012
Hazard Ratio

No. of Deaths

People 10 6 9

Hazard Ratio*

% 0.10 0.06 0.13
Average of Top 1,000
Construction Companies
% 0.41 0.46 0.43
Hazard Ratio

No. of Deaths

People 5 0 1


% 0.73 0.44 0.46


% 0.17 0.06 0.07


* (No. of Conversion Accident Victims/No. of Regular Workers) x 100 people 
* Total Recordable Incident Rate = (Deaths + Foregone Working + Work Limited + Medical Treatment + 
  Occupational Diseases) x 1,000,000 Hours/Total Working Hours 
* Lost Time Injury Rate = (Deaths + Foregone Working) x 1,000,000 Hours/Total Working Hours

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