Daewoo Engineering & Construction Vietnam Co., Ltd (“Company” or “DAEWOO E&C VINA”) does not accept any fraudulent, unwarranted, non-compliant with the law or other misconduct of employees in the Company, as well as organizations and individuals outside the Company while doing business at the Company. Therefore, the Whistleblowing Mechanism (“Mechanism”) was established with the goal of providing general principles to ensure the safety of whistleblowers without fear of possible consequences.

These acts include but are not limited to: Forging signatures and documents / Embezzlement / Leaking documents for personal benefit / Abuse of position and authority / Failure to comply with established laws and regulations / Harassment/ Corruption / Stealing etc.

General Director appoints a Specialized Officer who will be responsible for all the submitted allegations, including save all the arise cases, and make sure that they are properly resolved.

Regarding the whistleblowing mechanism:

Employees and external organizations and individuals report violations through the email address of the Specialized Officer.

Regarding the procedures handling process:

After receiving complaint information, the Specialized Officer reports to the General Director to conduct the necessary investigation, verification, and evaluation steps to come to an accurate conclusion about the incident and the parties involved, as well as provide solutions to overcome the consequences (if any). All records of the case from beginning to the end will be stored at the Company.

The Company strictly prohibits discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or any similar form against the person who makes the correct allegation. However, if an employee makes a false allegation due to personal conflict or benefit, the Company will take appropriate disciplinary action.

Violation report

Anyone who violates the law or company terms will be denounced on this form. Every illegal act deserves condemnation.