Daewoo E&C has been a leader in the architectural sector in various fields, from office buildings to hotels, exhibitions, and medical and sports centers. The safe and comfortable spaces and efficient and beautiful buildings we have created have become landmarks and a source of pride for people in many parts of the world.
Daewoo E&C is a global pioneer in the engineering and construction of skyscrapers and intelligent buildings with our advanced R&D and innovative spirit.
We will keep building on our innovative approach to architecture and city building by inventing even smarter and more eco- friendly echnologies and construction methods.

Kuala Lumpur IB Tower in Malaysia
A representative building in Kuala Lumpur, which is a high-rise intelligent building with 4 basement floors and 58 ground floors with a height of 274m, boasting integration of the world-best technology as well as a unique appearance, for which various special construction methods including the skip flooring construction method, steel frame prefabrication construction method as well as building movement control (BMC) technology among the construction methods developed autonomously by Daewoo E&C are fully mobilized.


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