Daewoo E&C, a leading enterprise in the construction industry in Korea, is constantly delivering best value to every customer through the dedication & nonstop self-challenge with passion, breakthrough and innovation based on the best quality and modern technology.
Celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2023, Daewoo E&C has always been presented at historic moments as a key factor contributing to the rapid economic growth of South Korea in the past half century. Through our overwhelming housing supplies, we have succesfully contributed to the stability of the nation and set new standards to the housing culture, widely-known as “Prugio” – a premium yet eco-friendly housing brand. Besides our diverse experience in design and construction in nuclear fields ranging from nuclear power, thermal power and hydroelectric power plans, we are also competitive in the renewable energy for sustainable growth for mankind. 
In addition, we are positioned as a leader in the global construction market, from infrastructure construction projects centered on roads, bridges and tunnels, petrochemical plant and industrial facility EPC projects to skyscrapers, the high-tech complex.
In the future, Daewoo E&C will create new opportunities by thoroughly preparing for the best corporate value creation and a better future for
mankind. We will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution by actively pioneering new business fields as well as conducting R&D in advanced technologies that apply cutting-edge IT technology, and nurturing global talent.
Daewoo E&C is changing the world today based on its accumulated technology, creative talent, and challenging spirit.


Your Dream, Our Space
Bringing customers’ dream into real life

Your Dream

– Future lifestyle dreamed by customers
– Sustainable company desired by management and employees
– Company fulfilling its roles and responsibilities for community
– Future embracing a variety of imaginary scenarios

Our Space

– Space enhancing the customer value
– Happy workplace growing together with management and employees
– Environment where nature and technologies coexist for prosperity of mankind
– New world making imaginations come true


High-quality workmanship is one of the main keys to our long-term success and sustainability. This means that our systematic quality management activities are a major determiner of customer satisfaction. We ensure that we are always leading the industry by constantly upgrading our systems and operations.


At Daewoo E&C, employee safety is our number one concern.
Because safety management needs to follow definite rules and regulations if it is to be effective, we have developed a full and complete safety management system that applies to all our operations and all our employees.


Daewoo E&C opened the Daewoo E&C Institute of Construction Technology (DICT), the first research institute in South Korea’s construction industry, in 1983. Since then, DICT has actively engaged in sector research that maximizes the company’s design, construction and development capabilities. DICT is also carrying out large-scale national, future growth and other projects, contributing to the nation’s overall construction technological prowess.