The construction of industrial plants is a knowledge-based, high value-added sector that combines technologies in repair and maintenance, from the procurement of machinery and equipment to engineering competence, construction, supervision and trial operations. Daewoo E&C has been leading the construction of thermal power, cogeneration, tidal power, and nuclear power plants, LNG storage, and other facilities with our outstanding technology and passion.
In addition, Daewoo E&C is making good records in high value-added plant construction competing with global companies in overseas plant markets. Recently, we are adjusting to changes in the energy paradigm, promoting commercialization in new renewable and clean energy sectors by R&D and investment in those sectors.

Introducing a module (largest scale in the biggest plant in Korea) method which can proceed with various processes together with the largest scale RUC (Residue Upgrading Complex) in Korea with a total area of 1.1 millionm². It is possible to produce 700,000 ton of propylene (material for plastics and synthetic fibers)


1. LNG, Oil & Gas

2. Nuclear Power

3. Power Plants

4. Refinery & Petrochemical