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On October 17, at the Ministry of Planning and Investment, a ceremony to receive funding from DAEWOO Engineering and Construction Group (DAEWOO E&C) for the Support Fund to Blind people sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment took place.

Accordingly, DAEWOO E&C Group awarded a grant of 3 billion VND for the 3 years 2023 – 2025 (1 billion VND each year) to the Fund to Support the Blind sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

DAEWOO Group’s support in the next 3 years will help Vietnam support visually impaired people in society to have the opportunity to develop. These are extremely humane actions, demonstrating the spirit of sharing and love between people from different countries but all have one thing in common, which is for the development of the community and for a better society, leaving no one behind in the development process.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc said that at today’s event, which Daewoo E&C is paying attention and sponsoring 3 billion VND for 3 years to support the blind in Vietnam launched by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, is very meaningful.

“Starting from 2018, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung directly directed us to select a number of disadvantaged groups to sponsor. The Ministry of Planning and Investment is sponsoring 8 disadvantaged groups, including the Vietnamese blind network with the spirit of promoting love, humanity, and kindness. This is a very beautiful action between people. The Minister wants to spread this to everyone and relevant organizations…”, the Deputy Minister shared.

Also according to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, according to incomplete statistics, Vietnam has over 3 million visually impaired people. The program launched by the Minister is the first step to help blind people in life and ensure sustainable development of the community.

“With the contributions of the Minister and others Ministry and sponsors, we have given more than 20,000 white canes to the blind in 53 provinces and cities nationwide; has coordinated with the Vietnam Association of the Blind to organize training courses for blind people to skillfully use the white cane…”, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc shared.

Sharing at the ceremony, Mr. Kim Bo Hyun, Vice President of DAEWOO E&C said, DAEWOO E&C has been doing business in Vietnam since 1990. “There have been successes in investment and business activities in Vietnam such as today is thanks to the support of the Government and People of Vietnam,” he said.

Therefore, in the Group’s business activities, there is an important activity of serving society, bringing good values to the community not only in Korea, but also in the places where the Group is operating, including Vietnam.

“We are committed to a mission that goes hand in hand with investment, which is to contribute to social development. Effective investment must come with sustainable development,” Mr. Kim Bo Hyun.

As a strategic general advisory agency, in addition to efforts to successfully complete tasks assigned by the Government, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is always aware of the importance of public works, social activities, determine to spend time and effort to organize many meaningful social activities such as: support the poor; support people in places affected by natural disasters, storms and floods; assist vulnerable people, people with disabilities… with the goal of “For the development of the community”.

In 2019, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung launched the spirit of Pride in Vietnam & the Program for Community Development, since then, the Ministry of Planning and Investment officially sponsored 8 disadvantaged groups. Also in 2019, the Minister launched the White Cane Journey for the Blind in Vietnam to directly support the blind community.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung hopes that the Ministry’s meaningful contributions will contribute to building an increasingly fair, civilized society and “not leaving anyone behind”.